Bed and Breakfast Napoli, B&B Napoli, La torre di Ro

La Torre di Ro' - bed and breakfast Napoli

Bed and Breakfast Napoli, B&B Napoli, La torre di Ro Bed and Breakfast Napoli, B&B Napoli, La torre di Ro Bed and Breakfast Napoli, B&B Napoli, La torre di Ro
Bed and Breakfast Napoli, B&B Napoli, La torre di Ro


The striking architecture of the building exterior and interior was used in the years to mansion, a place of hospitality and welcome, since the time of the nineteenth century, it was built by Ferdinand Palasciano, Professor of Surgery at the University of Naples, to be destined to stay pleasant, able to offer its guests the opportunity to experience the 'otium' literary and artistic as well as a welcome respite for body and mind.

 Currently, it rises to a height of five stories that are accessed from the entrance on the third floor of the overall structure and consists of four rooms on several levels. From the floor that extends horizontally, which includes the areas of breakfast and a nice stretched out on the terrace garden, you begin the climb through small steps up, that is the surprise of three bedrooms, each decorated with different types and placed in a typical position of the tower with windows that light up at night and by day the interior, offering a view of the port of Naples, Vesuvius  and whatever exhibits of beautiful Naples. The fourth floor is used as a sitting area for reading or, if you want to relax before a nice view over the gulf that opens the eye. The last ramp gives access to a platform suspended from the high battlements of heaven and sea, rolling plains and hills.

Fully restored and returned to its original splendor, the Tower of Palasciano stands of trees romantic garden that retains its old configuration, oaks, laurels, orange blossom angel, a habitat and flight of a falcon and spreading around the scents and aromas penetrating. When you open the ancient door, still intact, in the park access being restored as other apartments in the building, one can see the old and new, in a charming atmosphere where the walls and stones exude a sense of time and bear the signs of history.

Its ancient and intact architectural conformation does not allow access to the facility for the disabled because of the impossibility of installing lifts or elevators.

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Bed and Breakfast Napoli, dormire a Napoli, La torre di Ro

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